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Grouper for Baked Whole Fish with Lemon & Herbs Recipe by Best Friend Handbook

I know that I should eat more fish. It's better for: my waistline my skin the planet (assuming you stick...
Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce in a Glass Jar

As much as I love to cook, desserts are not my thing. I find the precision of baking annoying. Also,...
Brown and White Chickens Running Around

I would love to take credit for this Best Sheet Pan Chicken recipe, but it's courtesy of Ms. Paltrow's "It's...
Radishes at the Farmer's Market

This recipe for Salmon Toasts with Radish Green Salsa Verde features one of my favorite overlooked vegetables: the lowly radish....
Salmon Decoy for Detox Salad with Salmon

In general, I hate anything with the word detox in it. Too many bad diet memories. But this Detox Salad...
Metropolitan Cocktail

I love anything served in a martini glass except martinis. I also love a pretty drink. You know, one that...
Raw Salmon for Crudo

Eating more fish like this awesome Crudo recipe is not just good for your waistline, it's a cool option for...

I love nothing more than cooking good food for friends which is why I tend to do the cooking on...
Tangerines for Tangerine Dream Margarita

I have speciality cocktails like this Tangerine Dream Margarita on the brain. It could be because it is summer. The...
Fresh Spinach for Garlicky Spinach Dip

This Garlicky Spinach Dip is one of my go-to appetizers for summer entertaining. It is super easy to make. Delicious...
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