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Variety of hands covered in mud

Treating dry cuticles is a bit of a personal obsession. Despite the fact that I slather my hands with Aquaphor...
Wart Hot with Facial Aging Wrinkles

I just returned from my 35th high school reunion, and have a birthday rapidly approaching so, needless to say, I...
Best Mineral Sunscreens

I have been on a tear lately trying to uncover the best mineral sunscreens. Why? Because it's sun season and...
Banish Body Shaming

Like so many other women out there, body shaming has been an integral part of my life. There isn't a...

My friend Jules has been touting the health benefits of manuka honey for years. It is her go-to remedy for...
Importance of Staying Hydrated

I was recently reminded of the importance of staying hydrated when my Mom wound up in the hospital for dehydration....
Sugar Is Bad For Your Health

Sugar is like the devil -- tempting me with its yummy sweetness while secretly giving me wrinkles, making me fat...
Clarisonic = Younger Looking Skin

I am a bit of a beauty product junkie, and have tried my fair share over the years, but if...
Non-Surgical Techniques that Really Work

In my day job, I create content, often for plastic surgeons, which makes me privy to the inside scoop on...
Best Mascaras

A lot of mascaras claim to be the best, but as a life long blonde (though one that comes out...
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