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Adam Jang's Photo of a Glacier

Is it just me or has Mother Earth been giving us a big F*CK YOU lately? Between the hurricanes, the...

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a really simple tool for combating emotional and physical issues like stress or back...
Bruce Weber Photo of Dog and Woman Wrapped in Frame Jeans

Perfect fit jeans are kind of like magic. They can lift your butt, slim your legs, and trim your waist....
Variety of hands covered in mud

Treating dry cuticles is a bit of a personal obsession. Despite the fact that I slather my hands with Aquaphor...
Mountains & Main Street of Telluride during Film Festival

Every Labor Day, I have the privilege of attending the Telluride Film Festival with my Mom. It's a jam packed...
Black Dog with White Chest in the Snow

There are so many health benefits of dogs that I think insurance companies should cover the cost. Seriously. Even though...
Salmon Decoy for Detox Salad with Salmon

In general, I hate anything with the word detox in it. Too many bad diet memories. But this Detox Salad...
The Eagles Performing at Classic West

Music has always been a huge part of my life. It was one of my Dad's passions and though he...
Hot Golden Sun on Beach

The antiperspirant vs deodorant debate is one that I have been grappling with for over a decade. Why? Well, for...
Wart Hot with Facial Aging Wrinkles

I just returned from my 35th high school reunion, and have a birthday rapidly approaching so, needless to say, I...
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